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ABPCO recognised the need for an Association to not only regulate Conference Organisers, but also to provide a central platform for members of the industry to share knowledge and gain business experience from other members. In 2001 when the first ABPCO website was published the following key points were made

- as a leading professional conference organiser – membership requires a high level of experience and proven competence. The status of ABPCO membership confers a clear commercial advantage when bidding for contracts or when applying for new positions within the industry

Networking and corporate events
- sharing ideas and problems with a peer group of event organisers. This ensures that discussions and networking are particularly relevant to people at the sharp end of conference organising. Professional interaction is facilitated by:

Latest Members 2016

About WLM Conferences
BCN Events (Barcelona)

Founded in 2008, by Chris & Roger Howe, WLM has established itself as the company of choice in the delivery of national and international inspired Event Management and Conference solutions. WLM bring to you by an award winning team. WLM is an industry leader and forward thinking company that embraces the opportunity and challenge to explore all aspects in the refinement and delivery of a perfect conference..

As a leader in the field of Event Management and Conference Placement, WLM will plan, project manage and negotiate a comprehensive solution to your business, in a straightforward and uncomplicated fashion. Quality and service are the foundation stones the company has been built upon with recognition gained by standards auditors of ISO9001. We believe it is our responsibility as market leader to work pro-actively, with other agents and suppliers together in raising standards and working practices for the hospitality industry.

Your conference or meeting, no matter how large or small will quite possibly have over 200 points which can go wrong - do you really have the time to deal with them all? The right solution is to choose a ABPCO Member- We don't compromise on quality.

Ideas and creativity it's what makes us different

* Regular meetings in London and other regions of the British Isles where jet charter relevant hot topics are addressed by guest speakers
* Annual 'Think-Tank' weekends where full members are able to share their knowledge and discuss problems in a more relaxed environment
* Currently in the UK, especially in Surrey where solar for schools accounts for over a half of its members who can ask for help with everyday problems or simply share up-to-date knowledge or experience

Business leads
-access to business leads and enquiries. The list of full ABPCO members is provided by the ABPCO Executive Office to individuals or associations involved with business electricity who are wishing to employ a professional conference organiser, and member details are also shown on the ABPCO website (www.abpco.co.uk). There is also an ABPCO section in the BACD (see below) Directory distributed to 12,000 companies and associations.

Best-practice documentation
-access to confidential ABPCO-produced contracts and other documents which are recognised within the industry and which confer additional protection on ABPCO members in their dealings with clients, venues and other suppliers.

Games and films can increasingly share the same assets. The day includes a detailed look at what happens when games and film production pipelines combine. Conference Organising Made Simple

The chance for all delegates to meet presenters, hosts and sponsors at a Nightclub with an informal buffet and drinks. The fun will go on into the night!

Panel of industry HR experts explain recruitment needs for the animation and games sector. Includes advice on how to make a successful job application.

Training - Professional  and development opportunities
-at the regular ABPCO meetings, where members can be trained and updated on current issues and technology within the industry

Education – Teaching opportunities
-for ABPCO members at the HNC in Business (Conference and Event Management) course at the City of Westminster College in London, and at seminars run by ABPCO at industry exhibitions and similar national events

New Members for 2011

  • SEO freelancers (UK Events only)
  • Web Marketing (Internet based events in house)
  • Internet Marketing 2015
  • Education Programmes for 2015-2015

  • Cultural Change
  • Performance Improvement
  • Recognition and Incentives
    Brand Experiences
  • Marketing Development
  • Integrated Campaigns
  • Leadership Education
  • Development Programmes
  • Experiential Learning and building
  • Overseas Conferences
  • Worldwide Events
  • Group Travel Awards
  • International Partner Network
  • ATOL Bonded
  • Creative Conferences
  • Outstanding Events
  • Team Building
  • Parties and Celebrations
  • VIP Hospitality
  • Design Studio
  • Web Design & Development
  • Film and Multi-Media
  • Displays and Exhibitions
  • Large Format Printing

  • General Members 2015


Collaboration with the British Association of Conference Destinations (BACD)
-ABPCO has established formal links with BACD, which represents the leading British conference destinations. This alliance, combining the destination expertise of the BACD membership with the event management expertise of the ABPCO membership, offers new opportunities for collaboration and effective partnership, and will include an ABPCO section in BACD's annual 'British Conference Destinations Directory'.

Current member benefits include customized corporate entertainment packages.

Our attention to detail and level of customer service ensures that the quality, efficiency and professionalism of your company is reflected in the service we provide. We have a selection of meeting rooms and are very happy to discuss your individual requirements for your event.

Precursor to Conference, Business investigates intellectual property rights and clearance issues, multi-platform marketing, funding and grant opportunities for media technology and creative companies and freelancers.

A spectacular day highlighting award winning CG animation and discussion from some of the top production studios in the world including the latest work.

ABPCO - The Association of British Professional Conference Organisers, a brief history: We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and actively seek feedback from our customers to ensure that high levels of customer satisfaction are maintained. conferences@abpco.org.uk or Conference Organising Made Simple | UK |

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