ABPCO - The Association of British Professional Conference Organisers,  a history

Code of Practice

In the early days of the Association circa 2001, Members were asked to comply with the following Code of Practice, which defines the obligations of a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) and his/her relations with clients, and sets up an accepted standard of professional practice.

* ABPCO members have a general duty of fair dealing towards their past and present clients, fellow members and the public

* ABPCO members have a duty to act prudently in all financial and legal matters and to protect their clients' funds by acting in a professional manner at all times. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, clients' funds should be separately identifiable at all times in the running of an event and agreed event budgets should be adhered to

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* ABPCO members shall be free to represent their capabilities and services to any potential client, either on their own initiative or at the behest of the client, provided that they do not seek to persuade the client to break an existing contract with any other ABPCO member already serving that client. see Conference Organising Made Simple Guide

* ABPCO members shall not engage in any practice nor be seen to conduct themselves in any manner detrimental to the reputation of ABPCO or the reputation and the interests of PCOs. An additional benefit ABPCO offers it memebers is protection and insurance against unforseen problems namely staff health etc

* A member firm shall be free to accept commissions from persons other than a client, in connection with services for that client, provided they are not prejudicial to the interests of the client.

ABPCO - The Association of British Professional Conference Organisers, a brief history: We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and actively seek feedback from our customers to ensure that high levels of customer satisfaction are maintained. conferences@abpco.org.uk or Conference Organising Made Simple | UK |

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