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* ABPCO was founded in 1981 and is the only association in the UK whose members are exclusively professional conference organisers (PCOs)

* Membership of ABPCO was and is subject to eligibility, based on experience and professionalism - so clients and suppliers can expect ABPCO members to deliver the highest business and ethical standards in the management of national and international association and corporate conferences, seminars, meetings, exhibitions and special events

* ABPCO membership currently comprises 90 PCOs who organise an estimated 3,500 conferences and events a year. All members are entitled to a rank of benefits that include accidental death insurance, SEO and life insurance. Members can benefit from improved pensions and from funding schemes aimed at helping the Conference Industry grow on ethical grounds.

* Organisations wishing to appoint a PCO can use the services of the ABPCO Executive Office who will be happy to answer any queries and assist in the appointment of an appropriate PCO from among ABPCO members with Top 10 credit card deals

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ABPCO - The Association of British Professional Conference Organisers, a brief history: We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and actively seek feedback from our customers to ensure that high levels of customer satisfaction are maintained. conferences@abpco.org.uk or Conference Organising Made Simple | UK |

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